Musicians & Members

Performing Members:

Beverly Chesterby – Flute
Clydene Dechert – Percussion
Suzanne Fisher – Clarinet
Dianne Holmgren – Violin, Viola
Diane Jackson – Violin
Sherrina Johnson – Flute, Sax, Piano
Carole Sue Linson – Piano, Organ, Sax, Harpsichord
Julie Lowrey – Piano
Sarah Moglewer – Piano
Jaime Ondrusek – Flute
Rob Ratner – Flute, Clarinet, Sax
Wendy Ratner – Oboe
Ed Roman – Piano
Ginger Scudder – Bassoon
Scott Smith – Clarinet
Jacque Stewart – Piano


Associate Members:

Claudia Boyle
Deanne Brewster
Lee Harrison
Bruce Fisher
Cindy Smith
Hardy Rose

Contact Us

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