Musicians & Members

Performing Members:

Beverly Chesterby – Flute
Clydene Dechert – Percussion
Suzanne Fisher – Clarinet
Diana Hart – Cello
Dianne Holmgren – Violin, Viola
Diane Jackson – Violin
Sherrina Johnson – Flute, Sax, Piano
Carole Sue Linson – Piano, Organ, Sax, Harpsichord
Julie Lowrey – Piano
Sarah Moglewer – Piano
Brenda Olsen – Cello
Jaime Ondrusek – Flute
Rob Ratner – Flute, Clarinet, Sax
Wendy Ratner – Oboe
Ed Roman – Piano
Ginger Scudder – Bassoon
Scott Smith – Clarinet
Jacque Stewart – Piano


Associate Members:

Claudia Boyle
Deanne Brewster
Bruce Fisher
Vera Frumkes
Lee Harrison
Bob Olsen
Hardy Rose
Bob Scudder
Cindy Smith

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have a question about our concerts or are interested in joining the PCPS. CLICK HERE